P 1 Information about project in our schools

link to more details on twinspace https://twinspace.etwinning.net/78747/pages/page/748225

P2 Coordinators meeting/ Rosolini

P4 Website and subpages

Polish subpage adress: https://debinka.pl/aktywni-kreatywni-przedsiebiorczy.html

Greek subpage adress:https://blogs.sch.gr/gymagria/

P1 Other design events 09-2019

Introduction of students to the subject of the project and recruitment of those willing to participate in the project. We assume that in each of the schools there will be a team of around 30-40 students who will form the core of the project group. Information meetings will be the first stage of dissemination of the project idea, will be carried out in September and at the beginning of October and will be divided into three stages:

1. meeting with teachers – during which we intend to inform teachers about the objectives, methods of operation and project schedule, and encourage them to cooperate

2. meetings with students – their goal is to recruit volunteers, and then to build project teams

3. meetings with parents of students interested in the idea of ​​the project – their aim will be to inform parents about the formal requirements of the project and its principles and to acquire the necessary approvals for full participation in further activities.

The result will be templates of documents that will be used by partner schools during the project.

P2 Other design events 10-2019

A meeting of project coordinators will be held in October, the purpose of which is to confirm previous arrangements regarding the principles of task implementation, cooperation and communication. During the meeting there will be a workshop training on the use of eTwinning tools and programs for creating Newsletter and editing / editing of films.

School coordinators will determine how to exchange experiences and materials using eTwinning tools. We assume that the meeting will be held in Italy and will last 3 business days. It will be attended by school project coordinators and one teacher who can replace the coordinator in his work. The participation of an additional teacher is decided by the schools themselves as part of their budget for project management. The schools in Poland and Italy are responsible for the substantive preparation of the meeting. The result: training materials for working with project teams, raising teacher qualifications (IT, language comp.).

P3 Other design events 11-2019

Prepare and start publishing a periodical newsletter, the purpose of which is to present to school communities (students, teachers and parents) and institutions invited to cooperate with schools, activities undertaken in the project. Editors will be appointed in schools that will compile information and send it to partners.

An international editorial committee coordinated by the Polish School will be responsible for the final form of the magazine and its translation into English and national languages. The newsletter will be sent in an electronic version to parents and students, published on the Internet, school newspapers and printed in a small edition. In this way, it will become one of the methods of disseminating information about the project and activities undertaken. The result: the publication of 4 issues of the magazine, raising the qualifications of students and teachers involved in writing (working with programs to create a newspaper, language skills, organizational skills).

P4 Other design events 01-2020

Launching a website and pages on school websites promoting the idea and results of the project. The task is to launch another channel for dissemination of project results, providing materials on the subject of teaching and learning entrepreneurship and economics. The subpages will be conducted in national languages, which will facilitate familiarization with their content to local communities, will have some common elements to disseminate learning / teaching about economics and entrepreneurship. They will inform the current activities, but also will be placed on them materials for download by schools that would like to use good practices and materials produced in the project. The Romanian school is responsible for the coordination of the task.

The result: creation of a channel for disseminating information about the project, raising the qualifications of students and teachers (knowledge of IT tools, language competences, ability to organize work in an international team).

P5 Other design events 03-2020

Conducting a series of workshops to prepare teachers and students for the implementation of subsequent tasks resulting from the project in partner schools based on the training implemented during the meeting in Poland (meeting C1).

P6 Other project events 03-2020

Preparation and implementation of the project in partner schools “My First Business” – students in groups generate ideas, plan, prepare, create mini companies (market research, planning, implementation, advertising, balance of profit and loss, corporate social responsibility), using their passions and interests (e.g. create a newspaper, tourist company, design clothes, radio program / station, service company – e.g. organization of games at birthday parties for young children, mini businesses should promote local heritage and regionalism). The projects will be implemented between March and May 2020. Presentation of results in the form of student business fairs during the meeting in Romania (meeting C2). The Romanian school is responsible for creating the project framework. The result: market folders and presentations presenting student ideas for companies. Effect: improving soft skills, improving the qualifications of students (preparation of materials, presentation of work results).

P7 Other project events 09-2020

Preparation and implementation of the project in schools in “Locally active” in the form of activities for the local community. Students in groups recognize the local problem, plan how they can solve it, contact local authorities and institutions, look for allies / sponsors, publicise / advertise the project in the local community, take action by involving the most numerous group of people associated with the school environment. The projects will be implemented between September and November 2020. Presentation of project results will take place during the C3 meeting in Greece. Coordinates the Greek school. Result: materials prepared by students (action plans, leaflets, posters, reports). The effect of the action will be to increase students’ involvement in active activities for the benefit of the local community and to develop soft skills (planning, resource management at this time, negotiations, coping with stress, project management).

P8 Other project events 10-2020

Preparation of a set of games to learn the basics of economics and entrepreneurship from October 2020 to March 2021. Each school checks in practice what games that are available on local markets can be useful for learning the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. The classes conducted with students give recommendations on how to use games as a teaching tool and their substantive reviews. Teachers and students will try to create their own game models, tailored to the realities of school, which can be helpful in teaching. Commercial games and original models will be presented during C4 meeting in Italy. An Italian school is responsible for the task. The result: five educational games introducing students to the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. The activities will result in raising the qualifications of students and teachers (knowledge of the subject, design, project management, evaluation of activities).

P9 Other project events 11-2020

From November 2020 to March 2021, schools will meet with successful people who have turned their passion into business. Teams of students will interview these people and then prepare short documentaries (in national languages ​​with English translation), from which the cycle “My passion – my life” will be prepared. The films will be shown during C4 meeting in Italy. The Italian school is responsible for developing technical guidelines for the film. The result: a series of documentary films published on the project website, which will constitute didactic material for learning entrepreneurship. The films will be combined with the proposed lesson plans. The whole package will be available under an open license for use by all interested parties. The result of work on films will be the acquisition of specific skills by students and teachers (direction, camera operation, editing).

P10 Other project events 03-2021

Collecting materials by the end of April 2021 for the conference summarizing the project, which will take place in May in Spain. The schools will provide conference materials to the Spanish partner in the form of didactic aids developed in the course of the project for learning economics and entrepreneurship (teaching materials entrepreneurship, lessons with entrepreneurship – tutorials, short films, exercises, outlines of classes conducted during the project. On their basis, the Spanish team will prepare a short publication disseminating the project results (material descriptions and references to the website with the full version ….available).

The Spanish school is responsible for the implementation of the action. The result: a publication summarizing the project results to disseminate the idea of the project by providing access to the developed educational materials.