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Nice photos, Illustrated students’ experience from the meeting.

Interesting activities at C 1 mobility to POZNAN, POLAND, disseminated in a Romanian local newspaper.


Teachers and students of Agria High School in Poland

Dissemination in local newspaper of the participation to C 1 mobility to POZNAN, POLAND, posted by the Greek team


 Students of Gymnasio Agrias write essays about Greece in the past, present and future 

Two documents which are essays of students about 

 “Greece in the past, present and future” 



Greek team (students and teachers) also created two padlets, about the Coronavirus situation: 


Sweet memories (Greek team)

of the meeting C1 in Poznan:


European Day of Languages 2020

European Day of Languages in Dębinka and partners school…join the video…

Basic vocabulary in 5 European languages

European Day of Languages 2020 :

Students of Gymnasio Agria created a video for the Erasmus+ programme “Active, Creative, Enterprising”

Spanish partner….
Our students have been working in this murals and they have create videos showing the shool and some basic vocabulari to the partners

The Polish Team, the coordinator school of the project, started to collect the postcards sent by all partners to celebrate The Erasmus Days 2020.

Erasmus Days corner to the Spanish Partner school…

Greek school: October 2020

Today’s Erasmus day from another option …( And as you see we had to watch directly from the laptop, which was the 4th or 5th from which we tried to connect. So..we had a lot of technical issues today but finally and at least we had picture and sound! Some personal information in time sent by the students… while connecting with their peers.

Spanish school students coordinated by their teachers…Nice moments!…

He have had to change as you into laptops to general computer and camera.

It is funny to see the making of🤣🤣🤣.

But the point here is: the stress behind the camera!! It is funny to see the making of…

European Day of Languages in Greek school partner

Video “Basic vocabulary in 5 European languages”


Romanian Day in Greek school partner :

Video 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWMUsJ5TKVE&t=11s
Video 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p1JOdAS1Ek

Romanian Days celebrated by students in Greek school

1. Famous Romanians

2.Famous  Romanian Musicians

3. Dracula

My First Business —activity organised by our Greek partner:


Dissemination of the project: 

(Article in Greek local newspaper about programm progress and advertisement  for Crafty Pets) 


Christmas in Greece (symbols and customs)

Italian Days celebrated on partners school

Rating the game “Build your factory” activity on Greek school


Here is a video- collection of wonderful memories

Dissemination in local media of the C 4 meeting in Italy.


Polish team Nice and interesting activity.