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Exercises during the lessons of Social Studies with 14 years old students. We’d like to show you some of movies made by our students. 

The laws of consuments

Exercises during the lessons of Social Studies with 14 years old students. Students were preparing short komiks about laws of consuments, advertising. We’ll put  them to some open board on the school hall – for dissemination. We’d like to show you some of them. Discuss How do you like it? https://twinspace.etwinning.net/78747/pages/page/513266

Charity event Here is the result of the charity event that Gymnasio Agrias planned and implemented:

Charity Events before Christmas 2019 SSP3 Dębinka

Consumer’s rights Roger López, Oriol Esteve and Carlota Muñiz.pdf Lluc Font, Clàudia Soler, Santi Martínez i Aina Catena.pdf https://twinspace.etwinning.net/78747/pages/page/569163/edit

C1 (Polish days in partners schools) Two students of  Gymnasio Agria  created an ebook for the Polish Days : http://www.storyjumper.com/book/showframe/77606215/%CE%A3%CE%97%CE%9C%CE%91%CE%9D%CE%A4%CE%99%CE%9A%CE%91-%CE%A0%CE%A1%CE%9F%CE%A3%CE%A9%CE%A0%CE%91-%CE%A4%CE%97%CE%A3-%CE%A0%CE%9F%CE%9B%CE%A9%CE%9D%CE%99%CE%91%CE%A3#

Polish Day in Rosolini

Polish Day in Istituto Franceso D’Amico di Rosolini Italy

Today is very special for our school because  we are celebrating Erasmus plus projects and today is dedicated to the Polish day. It is very important to our school  to be in this international activity,thanks to the sharing of knowledges and competences we can develop in a common path but, first of all, we can know each others and improve the European feeling among our students. The Polish day is the first one because next week we will be in Poland, our coordinator school, then we will study and  know the other countries of the AKE project. Step by step before every meeting. We have studied polish geography and history and simbols and traditions and more, it has been a very important step because now we know more about Poland and polish people, we respect more and we are very glad to meet each others. We know now that we are a small country but we become a very big one if we feel “United in our diversity”. Inside the European Union.

Polish Day celebrated at Scoala Gimnaziala Mihai Eminescu Nasaud, ROMANIA https://twinspace.etwinning.net/78747/pages/page/905670

Polish Days celebrated in Greek School  Here comes more material prepared for the Polish days: two videos and three ppt, made also created from the students in order to present them to the other students.

Students essays on Greek economy at Gymnasio Agrias