Short-term exchange ACE C3

Period: November 22-26, 2021

Location: Gymnasio Agria, GREECE

Programme of the visit.

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November 21 (Sunday)


On November 22 (Monday), 2021

Welcome speech by the school director and coordinator

Guided tour at the school

Presentation about the region of Volos and Pelion

Ice breaking activities

On November 23 (Tuesday), 2021

Meeting Nikos Magitsis at the Town Hall Agria

Meeting Stavroula Mastrogianni  Workshop 1 “Shadow theatre Karagiozis” at the Town Hall Agria

Meeting at school. Students presentations -Workshop 2 “Locally Active”

On November 24 (Wednesday), 2021

Departure to the horse club in Milies – an example of local business

Meeting with business creators/ horse riding and lesson.

Visit of railway station in Milies – an example of industrial history.

On November 25 (Thursday), 2021

Athanassakio Archeological Museum Volos – we get to know the local heritage

City Quest  in Volos

Rooftile and brickworks museum Tsalapata

Coffee – walk in the market of Volos

On November 26 (Friday), 2021

Visit of local organic essential oils company (Volos)

Evaluation of the programme and Certificate Ceremony in Town Hall Agria

22nd-26th of November 2021 Meeting in Greece

for the Erasmus+ programme “Active, Creative, Enterprising”