C 2 —Short-term exchange of student group ACE


October 4-8, 2021

Participants organization

Społeczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 3 Dębinka, POLAND


Istituto Comprensivo F.D’Amico Rosolini ,Italy

Școala Gimnazială Mihai Eminescu Năsăud, Romania

Virtual participation organization

Gymnasio Agrias Volou, GREECE

Schedule of the meeting.

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Day 1—4.10.2021

Welcome all participants Short tour of the school Meeting the school staff
Museum visit in our city https://www.complexulmuzealbn.ro/ro/sectii/muzeul-graniceresc-nasaudean
Welcome to the city mayor http://www.primarianasaud.ro/
Visit to Piatra Fantanele: painting workshop and priestly clothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K91vfoqplZM
See the photos of the proposed activities.

Day 2—5.10.2021

Free lancer presentation—SWOT Business ideas

Enterprenorial presentation ”Pottery” for students Coordinators meeting

Bistrita – Info tourist center

”The house of silverman”

A nice wiev of the city of Bistrita

http://www.bistritaturistica.ro/ro/resurse-turistice/obiective-turistice/obiective-turistice-in-bistrita Value our local heritage

Day 3—6.10.2021

”My first business”: presentation of the activities; reported and realised by each partner school (free presentation, films, ppt)

Visit to Romuli https://www.facebook.com/rinpastravarie/ Presentation a business plan; tasting the local products of fish

Day 4—7.10.2021

Visiting the local hand made wears Virginia Linul http://www.costumepopulare.ro/

Students will have interwiev. They will create a business plan

Free discussions/ impression Tasting local traditional food

Visit to”Mon jardin”: presentation a business plan; tasting the local cakes https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Cupcake-Shop/Mon-Jardin-Patisserie-383613892016308/

Day 5—8.10.2021

Certificate session

Going to Cluj-Napoca Visiting the Salt Mine Turda https://salinaturda.eu/