International Erasmus Programme 2019-2021

„Active, creative, enterprising”

Europe as our common home and heritage is also a dynamically developing economic community – perhaps more than ever before. In our opinion, it is a very important part of social life. This extremely fast-paced world requires from us an understanding, knowledge and a sensible use of those skills and given resources. Over the years, we have noticed that our students need to be introduced to all the benefits of our civilization, taught how to use them in a conscious way, and also how can they protect themselves from the threats resulting from it. One of the problems we encounter is the disappearance of proactive attitudes, entrepreneurship and the progressive trends of consumerism. Children are less and less interested in active participation in social and economic life, while perceiving money as a superior value. Their expectations are increasing, while they lack the ability to cope with stress, planning and time management skills, determining the goal and method of achieving it, fulfilling dreams and passions.

Primary school teachers are not prepared to educate and develop children’s creativity and entrepreneurship. For fear of their own incompetence, they do not introduce issues related to economics. They are unable to combine the training of economic competences with the implementation of regular studies, such as humanities and cultural education.

The primary school curriculum does not cover issues related to economics; merely a few topics are covered. This situation results in our students acquiring this knowledge and skills far too late, also in case of understanding the economic mechanisms.

In economic theory, entrepreneurship is defined as one of the forms of work, or as the fourth factor of production (along with the labour, land and capital). The main features of an entrepreneur include the ability to see the needs and improve ideas, the ability to take advantage of opportunities, the ability to manage time, people, available resources, creativity and readiness to take risks.

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