P 1 Information about project in our schools

link to more details on twinspace https://twinspace.etwinning.net/78747/pages/page/748225

P2 Coordinators meeting/ Rosolinihttps://www.youtube.com/embed/xbmWQ5KZlmA?feature=oembed

P4 Website and subpages

Polish subpage adress: https://debinka.pl/aktywni-kreatywni-przedsiebiorczy.html

Greek subpage adress:https://blogs.sch.gr/gymagria/

P1 Other design events 09-2019

Introduction of students to the subject of the project and recruitment of those willing to participate in the project. We assume that in each of the schools there will be a team of around 30-40 students who will form the core of the project group. Information meetings will be the first stage of dissemination of the project idea, will be carried out in September and at the beginning of October and will be divided into three stages:

1. meeting with teachers – during which we intend to inform teachers about the objectives, methods of operation and project schedule, and encourage them to cooperate

2. meetings with students – their goal is to recruit volunteers, and then to build project teams

3. meetings with parents of students interested in the idea of ​​the project – their aim will be to inform parents about the formal requirements of the project and its principles and to acquire the necessary approvals for full participation in further activities.

The result will be templates of documents that will be used by partner schools during the project.

P2 Other design events 10-2019

A meeting of project coordinators will be held in October, the purpose of which is to confirm previous arrangements regarding the principles of task implementation, cooperation and communication. During the meeting there will be a workshop training on the use of eTwinning tools and programs for creating Newsletter and editing / editing of films.

School coordinators will determine how to exchange experiences and materials using eTwinning tools. We assume that the meeting will be held in Italy and will last 3 business days. It will be attended by school project coordinators and one teacher who can replace the coordinator in his work. The participation of an additional teacher is decided by the schools themselves as part of their budget for project management. The schools in Poland and Italy are responsible for the substantive preparation of the meeting. The result: training materials for working with project teams, raising teacher qualifications (IT, language comp.).

P2 Coordinators meeting/ Rosolini

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